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1926 Queen Victoria Longtype PASSPORT FEE 10/- Red


Over the past 15 years there has been an increasing interest in New Zealand Revenue Stamps as many traditional postage stamp collectors look for new collecting challenges. 


The New Zealand Revenues website was established to provide collectors with a comprehensive online reference source for stamps from "The Back of the Book", complete with colour scans, up-to-date market information relating to sales of scarcer items, consolidated catalogue references from the 4 major listers of NZ Revenue Stamps, printing varieties for the specialist collector, an album to dispay your NZ Revenue collection in asn printed catalogues and guides for the specialist collector.


The development of this site is still in progress with new information and scans being added weekly, however once complete, users of this site will have available to them…   


1. A reference source and colour scans of all stamps used for revenue purposes in New Zealand.  ----- Complete October 2012


2. A guide to the values of these stamps in the many conditions they exist --- Complete October 2012


3. A place to purchase examples of New Zealand Revenue stamps ---- New Stamps added as they become available


4. A place to list any items you may have on your "Wants" list ---- Available Now. Please e-mail any stamps you would like added to the list to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


      5. For the first time the place to purchase exclusive publications such as....
        **** NZ Revenues Stamp Album ( available in 2 volumes)
          **** The Complete Guide to the 1880 Queen Victoria Longtypes
            **** The 1880 Queen Victoria Longtype Colour Catalogue


        Click HERE for more information on these publications.


        **** Progress updates*****


        *** All sections are now complete ***

        This now completes the bones of the website (Wow that was a job and a half!)


        The NZ Revenues publications are in the process of being listed and detail along with pricing is expected to be available by December 2013 (Just in time for Christmas! Go on - Treat yourself!)



        I gratefully acknowledge the following Revenue collectors for images they have provided from their collections - John Cross for Railway Charges, Game Bird Habitat and various other revenues, Aussie Robson for Employment Revenues, David Smitham for Railway Freight Charges, Michael Chong for Beer Duty stamps and Walter Gill for many hard to find Queen Victoria Long Types.


        Feedback on the site is always welcome – please use the Contact Us area for your comments, questions and suggestions.


        Thanks for looking and I hope you will find the site interesting and informative.


        Andrew Spence - October 2013