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1880 QV Longtype Postal Fiscals PDF Print E-mail


For information on each individual stamp, please click on the stamp description (in red)  


For a complete list of the different printing varieties over the life of this set click here




Die Proofs 


Plate Proofs


SPECIMEN Overprints


NZR05001   1d Blue (1878)

NZR05002   1d Lilac (1878)

NZR05003   4d Orange

NZR05004   6d Red-Brown

NZR05005   8d Green

NZR05006   1/- Pink

NZR05007   2/- Blue

NZR05008   2/6 Brown

NZR05009   3/- Mauve

NZR05010   4/- Orange

NZR05011   5/- Green

NZR05012   6/- Rose

NZR05013   7/- Blue

NZR05014   7/6 Grey

NZR05015   8/- Blue

NZR05016   9/- Orange

NZR05017   10/- Red

NZR05018   12/6 Purple

NZR05019   15/- Green

NZR05020   1 Pound Rose

NZR05021   25/- Blue

NZR05022   30/- Brown

NZR05023   35/- Yellow

NZR05024   2 Pounds Violet

NZR05025   2 Pounds 10/- Rose-Lake

                       or Venetian-Red or Red

NZR05026   3 Pounds Green

NZR05027   3 Pounds 10/- Claret or Rose

NZR05028   4 Pounds Blue

NZR05029   4 Pounds 10/- Bronze Grey

NZR05030   5 Pounds Blue

NZR05031   6 Pounds Orange

NZR05032   7 Pounds Red or Maroon

NZR05033   8 Pounds Green

NZR05034   9 Pounds Red

NZR05035   10 Pounds Blue

NZR05036   15 Pounds Brown

                           "fifteen" 12.5mm

                           "fifteen" 16mm

                           "fifteen" 9mm

NZR05037   20 Pounds Yellow

NZR05038   25 Pounds mauve

NZR05039   30 Pounds Brown-Lake or Red-Brown

NZR05040   35 Pounds Green

NZR05041   40 Pounds Rose

                           "forty" 11mm

                           "forty" 7mm

NZR05042   45 Pounds Blue

NZR05043   50 Pounds Bronze

                           "fifty" small

                           "fifty" 6mm

                           "fifty" 10mm 

NZR05044   75 Pounds Yellow

NZR05045   100 Pounds Mauve

NZR05046   200 Pounds Green

NZR05047   300 pounds Brown

NZR05048   400 Pounds Rose

NZR05049   500 Pounds Blue

NZR05050   600 Pounds Brown

NZR05051   700 Pounds Maroon

NZR05052   800 Pounds Bronze-Green

NZR05053   900 Pounds Orange-Yellow

NZR05054   1000 Pounds Rose


Printing flaws and varieties

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