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Late payment of Stamp Duty (after 1 month, and within 3 months of the duty assessed) was charged an overdue penalty of 25% of the original assessed duty. Stamps indicating the Fine had been paid and the value of the fine were affixed to the document.


For information on each individual stamp, please click on the stamp description (in red)  


1867 Imperf Die I


NZR13001   No Value Brown & Red


1868 Perf Die I


NZR13002   No Value Brown & Blue


1873 Perf Die II


NZR13003   No Value Brown & Blue


1888 QV Longtype


NZR13004   No Value Brown 


1922 King George V


NZR13005   2d Yellow (Red Overprint)

NZR13006   3d Chocolate (Black Overprint)

NZR13007   4d Violet (Red Overprint)

NZR13008   6d Carmine (Blue Overprint)

NZR13009   8d Red-Brown (Blue Overprint)

NZR13010   9d Sage-Green (Red Overprint)

NZR13011   1/- Orange-Vermillion (Blue Overprint)

NZR13012   2/- Blue Admiral (Red Overprint)

NZR13013   3/- Mauve Admiral (Red Overprint)


Queen Victoria Longtype


NZR13014   2/- Blue (Red Overprint)

NZR13015   2/6 Brown (Blue Overprint)

NZR13016   3/- Mauve (Red Overprint)

NZR13017   4/- Red (Black Overprint)

NZR13018   5/- Green (Red Overprint)

NZR13019   6/- Rose (Black Overprint)

NZR13020   7/6 Bronze-Grey (Blue Overprint)

NZR13021   8/- Blue (Red Overprint)

NZR13022   9/- Orange (Blue Overprint)

NZR13023   10/- Red (Blue Overprint)

NZR13024   15/-Green (Red Overprint)

NZR13025   1 Pound Pink (Black Overprint)

NZR13026   25/- Blue (Red Overprint)

NZR13027   30/- Brown (Blue Overprint) 

NZR13028   35/- Yellow (Red Overprint)

NZR13029   2 Pounds Violet (Red Overprint)

NZR13030   2 Pounds 10/- Red (Blue Overprint)

NZR13031   5 Pounds Dark Blue (Red Overprint)

NZR13032   6 Pounds Orange (Black Overprint)

NZR13033   8 Pound Green (??? Overprint)

NZR13034   9 Pounds Rose (Black Overprint)

NZR13033   10 Pounds Blue (Red Overprint)

NZR13036    15 Pounds Brown (??? Overprint)s

NZR13037   20 Pounds Yellow (??? Overprint)

NZR13038   25 Pounds Mauve (??? Overprint)

NZR13039   30 Pounds Red-Brown (Black Overprint)

NZR13040   35 Pounds Green (??? Overprint)

NZR13041   40 Pound Rose (Black Overprint)

NZR13042   45 Pound Blue (??? Overprint)

NZR13043   50 Pounds Grey (??? Overprint)

NZR13044   100 Pounds Mauve (Red Overprint)

NZR13045   200 Pounds Green (??? Overprint)

NZR13046   300 Pounds Brown (??? Overprint)


1931 Arms Type


NZR13050   1/3 Lemon (Black Overprint)

NZR13051   1/3  Orange Yellow (Blue Overprint)

NZR13051a   1/3 Orange-Yellow (Black Overprint)

NZR13052   2/6 Brown (Blue Overprint)

NZR13053   2/6 Brown (Black Overprint)

NZR13054   4/- Red (Black Overprint)

NZR13055   5/- Green (Red Overprint)

NZR13056   5/-Green (Black Overprint)

NZR13057   6/- Pink (Black Overprint)

NZR13058   7/6 Grey (Black Overprint)

NZR13059   8/- Violet (Black Overprint)

NZR13060   9/- Orange (Black Overprint)

NZR13061   10/- Red (Blue Overprint)

NZR13062   10/- Red (Black Overprint)

NZR13063   15/- Olive (Black Overprint)

NZR13064   1 Pound Pink (Black Overprint)

NZR13065   25/- Blue ( Black Overprint)

NZR13066   30/- Brown (Black Overprint)

NZR13067   35/- on 35/- Orange-Yellow (Black Overprint)

NZR13068    2 Pounds Violet (Black Overprint)

NZR13069    2 Pounds 10/- Red ( Black? Overprint)

NZR13070   5 Pounds Dark Blue (Red Overprint)

NZR13071   5 Pounds Dark Blue (Black Overprint)

NZR13072   6 Pounds Orange (Black Overprint)   Listed as Barefoot 68, Existance uncertain

NZR13073   10 Pounds Blue (Black Overprint)   Listed as Barefoot 69, Existance uncertain


1935 Pictorials


NZR13080   2d Orange (Green Overprint)

NZR13081   3d Brown (Red Overprint)

NZR13082   4d Black and Chocolate (Black Overprint)

NZR13083   6d Red (Black Overprint)

NZR13084   8d Brown (Black Overprint)

NZR13085   9d Large Red and Black (Green Overprint)

NZR13086   9d Small Red and Black ( Black Overprint)

NZR13087   1/- Green (Red Overprint)

NZR13088   2/- Green (Red Overprint)

NZR13089   3/- Chocolate and Brown (Red Overprint)



1938-47 King George VI


NZR13090   2d Orange (Green Overprint)

NZR13091   3d Blue (Red Overprint)

NZR13092   3d Blue (Black Overprint)

NZR13093   4d Purple-Red (Black Overprint)

NZR13094   6d Red (Black Overprint)

NZR13095   8d Violet (Black Overprint)

NZR13096   9d Chocolate (Black Overprint)

NZR13097   1/- Brown and Red (Black Overprint)

NZR13098   1/3 Brown and Blue (Black Overprint)

NZR13099   2/- Chocolate and Brown (Red Overprint)

NZR13100   3/- Brown and Grey (Black Overprint)


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