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Any document presented for assessment of stamp duty had stamps affixed to it for the full amount. Any subsequent document relating to the same transaction had Denoting stamps affixed as proof that it concerned the same transaction.


Occasionally a stamp other than an officially overprinted one was used for denoting duty. In these cased the word DENOTING was written across the stamp, and its use was confirmed by the initials of the Stamp Duties Office clerk. Such examples are very rare and should be collected on document proving their use as they could easily be created.


For information on each individual stamp, please click on the stamp description (in red)  


1922 King George V


NZR12001   3d Chocolate

NZR12002   6d Red

NZR12003   1/- Orange-Vermillion

NZR12004   3/- Mauve (Admiral Design)


1924 Queen Victoria Longtype


NZR12005   2/6 Brown

NZR12006   12/6 Plum

NZR12007   15/- Green


1931 Arms Type


NZR12008   1/3 Lemon

NZR12009   1/3 Orange-Yellow

NZR12010   3/- Violet & Black

NZR12011   3/- Violet & Blue

NZR12012   12/6 Plum

NZR12013   15/- Green


1935 Pictorials


NZR12014   3d Maori Girl

NZR12015   6d Harvester

NZR12016   1/- Tui


1947 King George VI


NZR12017   3d Blue

NZR12018   6d Red

NZR12019   1/- Brown & Red

NZR12020   1/3 Brown & Blue

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