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These stamps were used as a receipt for the passport renewal fee which was 1/- for each year of renewal until 1931, and then increased to 2/- per annum thereafter. They were attached to the passport and cancelled with an oval “Department of Internal Affairs” datestamp.


For information on each individual stamp, please click on the stamp description (in red)  



NZR19001   1/- Vermillion (George V Design)

NZR19002   2/- Blue (George V Admirals design)

NZR19003   2/- Blue (QV Longtype design)

NZR19004   4/- Red (QV Longtype design)

NZR19005   5/- Green (QV Longtype design)

NZR19006   10/- Maroon (QV Longtype design)



NZR19007   2/- Green (1935 Pictorials design)

NZR19008   4/- Red (Arms type design)

NZR19009   10/- Red (Arms type design)

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