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These were taxes levied on the sales of honey to benefit the Primary Producers Marketing Division - PPMD (1938 – 1953), or the Honey Marketing Authority – HMA from 1953. These stamps are usually found uncancelled without gum. In January 1967 adhesive Honey Seals and imprinted honey pot lids were withdrawn.


For information on each individual stamp, please click on the stamp description (in red)  


1938 -1953 - Inscribed P.P.M.D

NZR22004   1/4d Orange-Red

NZR22005   1/2d Green

NZR22006   1d Blue

NZR22007   2d on 1/4d Orange-Red

NZR22008   2 1/2d Black

NZR22009   5d on 1/2d Green

NZR22010   5d on 2 1/2d Black

NZR22011   5d Magenta

NZR22012   2/6 Brown


1953 1959 - Inscribed H.M.A

NZR22001 1d Blue

NZR22002 2d Red

NZR22003 5d on 1d Blue


circa 1953 - Inscribed Honey Seal in 2 lines on cardboard lids

NZR22013   1/4d Red

NZR22014   1/2d Green

NZR22015   1d Blue

NZR22016   2d Red


circa 1953 - Inscribed Honey Seal on Wrapper Piece

NZR22017   1/4d Red



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