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The New Zealand Fish and Game Council commenced issuing the $10 license stamps in 1994. Once purchased, the stamp is affixed to the game bird hunter's license thus validating the license for the current year.


The date listed relates to the year of ISSUE of the stamp, not the year the license EXPIRES as shown on the stamp itself.


NZR28001   1994 Paradise Shelduck

NZR28002   1995 NZ Shoveler

NZR28003   1996 NZ Grey Duck

NZR28004   1997 Black Swan

NZR28005   1998 Canada Goose

NZR28006   1999 Californian Quail

NZR28007   2000 Mallard

NZR28008   2001 Ring-Necked Pheasant

NZR28009   2002 Pukeko

NZR28010   2003 Grey Teal

NZR28011   2004 Paradise Shelduck

NZR28012   2005 Chukar

NZR28013   2006 NZ Scaup

NZR28014   2007 Brown Quail

NZR28015   2008 Red-Legged Partridge

NZR28016   2009 NZ Shoveler

NZR28017   2010 Mallard

NZR28018   2011

NZR28019   2012 Bobwhite Quail



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